The AVANT loaders are powerful 4-wheel drive loaders with a telescopic boom. This small but mighty machine has a huge range of attachments (100 plus) to tackle all your different applications, making it more versatile than any compact tractor. The AVANT Loaders are ideal for riding stables, equestrian yards, farms, construction sites and groundscare and property maintenance professionals. Click here to view our inventory or give us a call! We are always getting more in stock.

MACHINES Lift Capacity Engine Power Lift Height Maximum Speed
Largest and most powerful model
3810 lb 57 hp 122 in 18.5 mph
Power and agility
2620 lb 37.5 hp 111 in 14 mph
Unbeatable power - price ratio
2360 lb 28 hp 109.8 in 7.5 mph
Light and economical workhorse
1210 lb 20 hp

108.3 in

7.5 mph
Light and small sized loaders
770 lb 20 hp 55.1 in 6.2 mph

Click below for full brochures on the 400 Series, 500 Series, 600 Series or click here to go to the AVANT USA website.